Buy With Confidence

Our members understand that in order for them to succeed, they must first earn the respect and confidence of you, the customer. That is why every member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA) is committed to making accurate claims to customers and practicing sound business judgment.

When you buy from an IEDA dealer, you are backed by the only non-profit trade association which promotes the participation, professionalism and advancement in the independent distribution of heavy equipment. In addition, the association honors all commitments and guarantees and seeks to resolve any disputes in a fair and expedient manner.

No other used construction equipment website is powered by the Independent Equipment Dealers Association.

The IEDA Promise

Every IEDA member:

  • Embraces the highest ethical standards.
  • Are business professionals who support other professionals.
  • Recognize the value of free enterprise.
  • Invest in and serve the industry with a passion and strive for excellence and innovations in everything they do.
  • Are international in scope.

Our Vetting Promise

The IEDA pre-screens and vets every member application. Membership is reserved for those companies operating strictly as independent dealers and who have been in business on their own for at least two years prior to applying for membership in the IEDA and have established a reputation for integrity and ethical business practices. To find out more about IEDA membership click here.